after two long years of thinking i lost this video… i found it! yes its not great quality because at the time i had a FujiFilm camera which is crap .. but this is when hunter started to sing this song without his guitar. It was on his birthday in New Orleans. I am so happy to see it. 

Loving someone for who they are.

I just watched a video about this kid revealing that he is gay to his parents and they basically didnt take it lightly. (Friend shared it on facebook) Here is what I have to say as human being and hopefully as a mother someday. 

I will love my child unconditionally. I will love them even after I die. You can not take the love of a parent away from a child. You can disagree and say yes you can, but then that means that young adult or adult was never meant to raise someone. 

But when I have a child, I know that nothing can stop me from loving my child to the moon and back. And you know what, I really don’t care if my child is gay or straight. Whatever they decide to be, i will support them and i will make sure that they live the happiest life they possibly can. I never want my child to feel like they have done me wrong, I never want my child to feel like they let me down, I never want my child to feel like they dont know who they are or that they cant come and talk to me. I will always be there for them. 

I will be so happy when they find the love of their life (male or female). Everyone deserves to be happy and if that means loving the same sex as you, then thats who you love. You can’t help what the heart wants. Love is love, its uncontrollable, undefinable, and unbelievable. Never be scared of what society thinks. Fuck society. If anyone was to say hurtful things or physically hurt them, you best believe, ill be whooping ass! lol 

I have always supported Gay Equal rights. Why? because they deserves to be heard too. They deserve to live on this earth, and have every right that any other human being does. They deserve to walk down the street holding hands and kissing just like any other man and woman can. We should never shun upon love. If you believe differently, then that is your belief. You can bring religion into this, but frankly I don’t care. Not everyone goes by the bible. We weren’t here to do everything by the book. We were here to become our own person. 

So define yourself as whoever you want to be. I will support you. Friends and family, I support you. Random people I don’t know, i will support you. 

To my future children, whether you are gay or straight, tall or short, fat or thin, purple or blue, boy or girl … I will always love you and always stand up for who you are. Because that is the best person you can be in life. 

It Could Happen To You - Shane Bitney Crone | Facebook
It Could Happen To You - Shane Bitney Crone | Facebook

You love who you love. Your heart wants what it wants. everyone deserves equal rights. Stand up and speak up.





one thing i love about college is that everyone is so exhausted that nobody judges anyone for sleeping anywhere like


just rest your eyesimage

get comfy


we’re all in this together



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